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    inspiration 6: ayumi seto

    ayumi is a 21-year-old model/fashion designer who recently launched her own brand, “aymmy in the batty girls,” in japan and san francisco this april.  she was first discovered on the streets of harajuku, showing off her own “kids-rock” style. after being frequently street-snapped, she was approached and asked to model for magazines, most notably zipper magazine. before agreeing to become a professional model, she stated in an interview with stylewylde that she would only agree to continue further if she would pursue her dream in creating her own brand. ayumi has travelled with her agency, asobi system, with notable artists and models such as eva cheung, una, and kyary pamyu pamyu for modelling events, all while studying fashion design and buying in preparation for her launch. at 21-years-old, owning her very own brand that resulted from her being noticed in the streets of harajuku creates an inspiring story.

    Seto: “Girls in Harajuku are not following what is popular, they are doing what they like, making their own style. They are also putting their own style on social media, (like) instagram etc, I like that self expression.”

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